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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2012 7:48pm-8:18pm EST

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or either club would see the careers of its key contributors skyrocket into new territory the patriots tom brady has won the n.f.l.'s biggest game three times and the quarterback could join greats terry bradshaw and his own idol joe montana as the only signal callers with four titles while bill belichick could become only the second head coach ever to win as many rings signed the legendary steeler chuck noll . new england's mastermind understands the significance of each moment full well having been to the big dance many times as an assistant and then the lead coach. assistant coach. that's what you work for all year call it february march from the start put your team together and training camp and all the meetings and eleven practices here whatever it is but it's you know it's a long haul able to get here is what you work for so it's a great experience each one is different they're all special bellatrix counterpart
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tom corfu and i said i'm more rocky to new or going from job uncertainty during the two thousand and seven season to the top of the world after the last super bowl meeting between the two teams this year shaped up in similar fashion with the giants catching fire late in the season to seal a playoff spot and then stomping through the postseason kaufman could now go from the shame of new york to the hall of fame to the second title i simply walked into our team and said look we've got two games ago we've got to win two games if we do that we determine our own fate we get to the playoffs and we could be the champions of the season from really from that point it has been one single elimination game after another players of responded very very well eli manning has been in the shadow of his older brother peyton is entire career despite both quarterbacks having one super bowl title apiece the family landscape could shift dramatically if you i was the second a great redemption story to little brothers world wide in the making as for
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sunday's game plans the giants will likely bet on their defensive line to wreak havoc and force brady to rushes through the make poor decisions that front for attack proved the winning strategy four years ago and was also effective when the giants beat their upcoming opponents in the regular season. the patriots do feature one of the league's best often though and battles in the trenches could be the match ups to watch new york receivers a key mix mario manningham and victor cruz also figure to give the patriots shaky pass defense a major fit the top story out of the patriots camp is the status of one of their top playmaker is rob grant koski the record sitting tight end has been nursing an ankle injury and a less than fully fit grown koski would mean enormous relief for the giants so far linebackers and defensive backs so a grudge rematch for the ages with several legacies at stake in the forty six
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edition of america's biggest day gorske r t. ok we stay stateside to basketball where this week so the bottle of two of the n.b.a. western conference is leading lights miami winning that particular contest philadelphia a close old country this right thruout the first time of the heat going in at the break four in front leading fifty one forty seven even closer in the third quarter with the squads netting sixteen points apiece significant breakthrough coming in the final period miami certainly not messing around late on storing the seventy six hours by sixteen points to dwayne wade and le bron james the main man for the visitors finishing with twenty six and one thing introspectively in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine victory meaning the heat of smush philadelphia's four game winning streak for tonight. after more than three years sober texas rangers outfielder josh hamilton has admitted he's relapsed the baseball star miss both the two thousand and four and five seasons because of drug and alcohol abuse the thirty
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year old stating this week he had quote three or four drinks after a weak moment. it was wrong. to be in a different place. to be response more that moment. i was not responsible. and. those actions are. heard a lot of people are very close to. the alter shortening on a spanish winning the volvo ocean race for the first time telefonica blitzing their way to the third stage on saturday becoming the first team to win the opening three legs since nineteen ninety skipper i care martinez and his crew best thing the five other teams in the twelve day journey from the mole deaves to the chinese port of sunday at the leg starting from the maltese after the race was disrupted to to fear pirates might attack in the indian ocean friend squad group obama pushed telefonica
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all the way but it was the spine huge became the maximum twenty four points to remain top of the overall standings legs for kicks off in march eighth fifty two hundred nautical mile stretch from sun year to all. and finally russia's greco-roman on freestyle wrestlers have never been shy and having a lympics silverware to the team's coffers dug a stunning is the country's on disputed center of the sport without plates from all over the world using the north caucuses region us home in the run up to major international competitions remind us more. a wrestler's day in dagestan begins at around eight am with a run up the targets our mountain this traditions been going since soviet times and is a vital ingredient in the recipe for success that continues distinguished athletes from this small region on the international freestyle wrestling a reno i just want to live with over the last ten years dagestan's become
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a world center for wrestling with athletes from all over russia coming in to practice some of the best sparring partners in the world in the last three olympics are wrestlers of one six gold medals and we have potential for more as around thirty thousand children actively practicing freestyle wrestling held by more than eight hundred coaches. wrestling has become a noted export from dagestan just like brazil with its exceptional football players two thousand and eight olympic champion shaheen is a native of dagestan but ended up representing turkey and happens to be just one of many locals who went looking for a shot at glory in countries other than russia. first i did not even think of performing for another country but everything changed after my jaw was broken and i lost my place on the russian team a short while later i struck a deal with a turkish club and began to compete then after i defeated all of my turkish opponents in the sixty six k.
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class they decided that i could perform for the turkish national team. jane's uncle is stuck here by haro is the coach of the turkish national team who are also in dagestan training alongside other countries for the upcoming summer games in london . and. for an athlete skin immense experience here every year they come from korea mongolia and even cuba dagestan has a great school of wrestling not only of the olympic training center but in any wrestling center here even the americans would come here they'd videotape everything and then leave. for the london. games just around the corner some great things finest are right here in russia's republic of dagestan the local school is considered to be one of the best in the world with four national things currently gearing up for the london olympics this summer. a lot of the world's top wrestlers know each other's strengths and weaknesses very well and that's in large part
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thanks to a combined preparation program offered here in dagestan the fact that athletes know the condition of their opponents before the actual competition is by no means a disadvantage for the russians as the country's olympic heroes try to pass on their fine wrestling traditions around the world does not we should not lose what our ancestors have left for us freestyle wrestling means a family where you can always find understanding and assistance if you lose those elements of our culture then our own people will not forgive us for preserving those to dish and that is our main goal. over the last twenty years or so the number of limbic medals won by a russian freestyle wrestlers has been on the up and the republic of dagestan was instrumental in that success on call sort of artsy. russia's republic of dagestan and all your sports star world weather is coming up just after this.
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question on the altie dot com. russia and china vetoed a u.n. security council resolution on syria condemning president assad's regime up for violence in the country. says the document does not reflect the situation in syria and then in imbalance signal to both sides all the details just ahead. over two hundred thousand people brave russia as a bitter subzero temperatures to ensure their views on national politics are heard . we've seen people out on the streets demanding free elections in support of the code russian government join me for more than a few moments. and fighting between police and protesters continues in egypt with
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twelve people killed and hundreds more injured in the latest crackdown. and bring you the top news headlines of at the center of russia this is arctic what have you with us let's get right to our top stories russia and china have vetoed the latest u.n. security council resolution on syria moscow says that's because the draft didn't reflect the real situation in damascus and was sending unbalanced signals to all sides in the conflict. has the latest from new york. in a matter of just five minutes after the meeting began russia and china both wielded their veto powers not supporting this draft resolution that was written up by the arab league european countries while the draft resolution was supported by thirteen
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members of the security council russia was asking for some amendments according to russian foreign minister sergei lavrov those amendments were not excessive and mr our law said that russia was urging the west to accommodate moscow's concerns to reach a compromise on this draft resolution china during the meeting that supported russia's amendments and said for the council to approach a vote knowing there was a divide it did not help maintain the unity or the authority of the security council russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said that moscow does not support using the security council as a tool to intervene on a sovereign country experiencing an internal conflict he believes that could create chaos in international affairs so as we see there was two vetoes on this resolution
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it did not go through and it's because russia believes that as the draft resolution was presented it had a lot of imbalances in it when it comes to the current circumstance in syria russian envoy to the united nations vitaly churkin did go into detail about those imbalances but i do work in the security council has not yet reached its conclusion that you know the draft resolution put to the vote does not adequately with the real situation in syria and soon. the co-sponsors of the resolution and the wording of the taking into account of the syrian opposition they must distance itself from extremist groups committing violence and calls on states your ability to use their influence to prevent such. no one has been taken into account that along with was drawing the syrian forces from the city. to attack the group's own state institutions. nor has the being support for affording more flexibility to get into media outlets states to increase the chances of
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a successful political process with the russian delegation was forced to vote against this draft resolution seriously regret this outcome of a. foreign minister is scheduled to visit damascus on tuesday to meet with syrian president bashar al assad this is a move. to hopefully reach some type of peaceful approach or solution to the conflict still in syria the arab league is also addressed the media at the security council at the stakeout saying that they are extremely disappointed. but they will continue trying to work with the security council with the united nations to try to reach some type of consensus now u.s. president barack obama did also issue a statement of his own before the meeting began. that you know the united states is on the side of the syrian people that are posing the syrian president and his
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government and he said quote the assad regime all the time has come for the assad regime. to change clearly the united states is pushing for regime change this is a sticking point this is something that russia does not support so we'll see what takes place in the days and weeks to come but as of now the draft text proposed by the europeans by the arab league vetoed by russia and china. international affairs commentator rick ross off from of the stop nato organization so that every time you alliance to get involved in trying to resolve a crisis a crisis peacefully it ends in violence and. so what i fear is we may be seeing a replication of what happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety when the united states and its nato allies launched a seventy eight day bombing campaign against yugoslavia having failed to enlist chinese and russian support for un resolution against that and here the slavia i'm hoping of course that the resolute stand taken the principled stand taking to taken
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by russia and china against a resolution that we have to remember was sponsored by the morocco and co-sponsored by a very interesting group of people they include the nato quality of the world the united states britain france and germany along with march of all this is not a representative group of nations of course in the united nations or the world it's a very select one this is largely the same group that a comparable resolution one thousand and seventy three against libya last year in which resulted as we noted seven month bombing going evidence that nation in the very name of the international community been appropriated by the united states and its nato allies now now its. allies in the arab world and the international community should in fact a man no military solutions to internal crises we should keep in mind for example that the so-called free syrian army is operating with complete impunity inside turkey a nato member and no armed uprising of the sort occurring in syria could have occurred if it was in libya and earlier kossovo in yugoslavia or thirteen years ago without
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the understanding by those engaging with armed uprising that they would be supported by forces outside the country. and russia now more than two hundred thousand people have taken to the streets of moscow st petersburg and other cities to express their political views and of the march fourth presidential election our correspondent peter all of our solve some of the gatherings firsthand. well such a day was a day of demonstrations here in the russian capital we saw a march and a rally by opposition supporters a large group of them meeting in the center of the city and marching here to block my a square which bloodline has really become the central focus point for opposition protesters here in moscow this is the second time that opposition protesters have taken to block my a square far fewer the this time than last but of course the the weather a big deciding factor in cripplingly mo temperatures here in the russian capital in
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fact the organizers of the protest here shortened the events that were going to be happening just to make it more comfortable for people who had come out in the cold minus twenty times on saturday here in moscow. so they came out to to voice their opinions you know better than if you were first i came here because i'm tired of the government which doesn't do it promises nice and wants this to carry on for you if you have to. change their elections and normally. there was because you might go on to jump on here and you see now talk about some of those groups that we've seen come here they really come from all across the russian political straw answer we've seen far right groups far left groups and everybody in between. all coming out calling here to pull off my square to demonstrate we didn't hear what we put on the the presidential candidate the independent presidential
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candidate he's drawing a lot of support from some of the groups that have come here to protest he said he would attend but he wouldn't give a speech this wasn't the only demonstration there was taking place on saturday there's also being gatherings of people who are in favor of the government pro-government forces and. who will be campaigning saying that they want a revolution in russia using the example of the orange revolution in ukraine in the chaos which country found itself after last saying that they don't need not in russia they were stability and not a revolution saying that russia had had its times of instability and they didn't want to return to the dark days of the ninety's now the good news for everybody concerned is just how peacefully everything is being carried off on saturday the opposition on the pro-government protests going off relatively without
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a hitch however one of the pro putin rallies we did see the leader of that rally taken into custody by police this is because it was a sanctioned dryly and it was sanctioned to have a certain amount of people the amount of people turned up far exceeded that we saw a lot of police in cities they did say say protesters must remain within the law they did do that and everything going off very peacefully is such a day becomes the day of demonstrations parties peter all over there for us here in moscow now with the presidential election just around the corner the opposition is demanding a fair vote martin mccauley who's an expert on russia at the university of london believes that the process must be visibly transparent if further protests are to be avoided. result of the election of course we're very very important because what these demonstrators want is if you like a clean election an absence of fraud and so on and it's up to the authorities to ensure that there would be cameras there and so on and therefore it's but it probably will be
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a fair and clearly election but what is important is that it seem to be fair and that these people have no cause to claim that the election on the fourth of march whether president vladimir putin wins the first runoff that has to be seen to be fair and to be clean otherwise it will be tremendous protests on the level of about the opposition will not come together they don't want to compromise they don't want to arrive at a single candidate the only way they're going to defeat the liberal put it on the fourth of march just have a single candidate who is accepted by the whole opposition and there's no likelihood of this it looks already as if it cannot easily garner the congress kind of it will come up second as he always does and that the divisions of third or fourth and so on to me hard prokhorov could bring up the rest because he is there really only to appeal to the middle class voters. you are with r t of course still to come in the program. an anti-piracy treaty designed to protect intellectual
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property as europeans in revolt find out why they say it violates their basic rights also. religion as a testing ground we investigate how new forms of islam could change the face of the whole nation and lead to serious consequences. in egypt at least twelve people have been killed in street battles with riot police more than two thousand have also been injured in violence following the death of seventy four people in football related violence on wednesday demonstrators are demanding the military council steps down police fired tear gas from armored vehicles and protesters to keep control of the situation in response to the protests presidential election could now be moved forward from june a civilian council with the military leadership. should start being accepted at the end of the month dr omar i'm sure from the institute of. studies at the university
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of exeter says egypt is just want an accountable civilian leadership. the supreme council of the armed forces has mismanaged the transitional process to a large degree the expectations on the egyptian street where rising they told that they would be transferred all power from that it would be to civilian elected civilian in six months and therefore once you have elected civilian rule they investments will come their life the economic life will be back to normal there would be a formal restructuring of the security services that acted in a very aggressive and brutal way and cut off to aiding the mubarak era and all these expectations so the economy to enhance a better economy the dignity the freedom the bread the slogans all that if it were not really accomplished by a youth off the bit of aleutian and many on the streets of egypt. the transitional
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. videos of the transitional period which is the supreme council of the armed forces that's why that is at the protest last friday and on the anniversary of that evolution we wanted a president now an elected president now so that they can hold him accountable if he failed to be stored back the egyptian economy and if you fail to deform the security services iran says it will definitely stop oil exports to certain european countries the islamic republic's oil minister says they have yet to make a decision on cutting supplies to other use states it's tehran's response to the ears oil embargo that was set to come into force in july chris bambery from the international socialist group says there are also plenty of other reasons for tehran to try and retaliate. but i think the listening to what's the rhetoric from london paris and washington and understands that that rhetoric is being hyped up all the time that we've had queens this week the u.s.
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defense secretary that there was going to be in a reunion a terror attack inside the united states although he also said there was no evidence they could produce the evidence for that today elsewhere in tel aviv i read a supposedly respectful commentators saying the arrears had missiles which he could fire could hit the united states of america that claim is just simply posterous but we are seeing a ratcheting up of the right and tyranny and rhetoric in the west at the same time there really is must be very very nervous about the american build up inside the got inside the persian gulf if you look at the map of iran it is surrounded by american military bases incidentally bases which are all sort in that russia and china so i think in some ways the pressure must be on inside the ryan to think we should be. forced. dot com has plenty of other stories for you right now. the group anonymous find out what the f.b.i.
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really thinks about their own back by leaking the audio recording online listening to what was said. and russia is over the moon as it unveils its space ambitions these and other stories available online that are. campaigners for online freedom are out in force in sweden to protest against a new copy right treaty signed by governments across europe the anti-counterfeiting trade agreement has yet to be ratified by the european parliament and that is exactly what activists want to prevent saying the new law would endanger free speech and net privacy artie's tom barton is in stockholm. this is the front line in the most modern of political battles over internet freedom these crowds have
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gathered in central stockholm in sweden village and all of the pirate parties that have sprung up all over europe and beyond it's a protest against the counterfeiting trade agreements it all revolves around. but of trying to be pushed through in many countries this agreement tries to standardize the enforcement of those laws in the u m did america and further around the world these people say it's not an innocent agreement it's not simple assault on the internet freedom and it's a way for governments to monitor them and to stop them having a free exchange of information the internet and we heard earlier from people on both sides of the argument about how different here on this issue if you say world everything should be free well perhaps no one will write any books produce music or fields etc or any way.


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